...high hopes and potential just led to shit

...we missed out, we lost out

yesterday's heroes are garbage today
11 February
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...because everyone can fuck off. because i have moved past all that by standing perfectly still. because if you never look them in the eye they can't get inside you. because walking away will always get you knifed in a place you can't reach.

I suck. I don't do much except drink. Oh yeah, I love music and my friends are my life. I bite my nails too much and people say I wear too many rings. I go to Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, which in time will become the death of me. I gossip too much about everyone, and odds are if I know you, I most likely hate you, but you don't know that. I tend to live in the past and I hate my mom. I don't have anymore time to do this so maybe I'll finish some other day. The end. Interesting, huh?