yesterday's heroes are garbage today (drownmydollys) wrote,
yesterday's heroes are garbage today

fucking snow

i do not think it is a good idea to have school when there is about 3 feet of snow on the ground and therefore i am skipping classes and only going to work because i can literally get there in less than a minute. if the town school is closed why the fuck isnt the university. not to mention it is negative ten degrees, and i have the thinnest winter coat possible. i would have really rathered snow day number two, but no, only a two hour delay that by no means affects my class schedule. i cannot wait to graaadfuckingate.

anyways, turned 22, what a damn shame, except it was a reason to party. got key west tickets for spring break yesterday. 2007 sucks ass so far, cant imagine it being any better than 06 or 05 and on.. prob will suck just as hard.

well gonna go to work, the only good part of that is ill have a fat bong load to smoke after and continue to do absolutely nothing for the remainder of the day until drink time.
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